Cryo-ET data acquisition

This section is still under construction and will be updated continously……..

In conventional electron microscopy, single micrographs (projection images) of the specimen are acquired, which by themselves only provide two-dimensional information on the observed object. In electron tomography a so-called tilt series is acquired; the specimen is rotated within the microscope in a defined range, e.g. from -60° to +60° degrees. Every other degree an image is obtained. The sequence of image acquisition in a tilt series depends on the objective, i.e. speed of acquisition vs data quality.

The images of a tilt series, together with the geometrical information of how these images are related to each other, allows to generate a three-dimensional volume (called a tomogram) of the object. How this is done and how this looks is described here.

The video below displays the sequence of image acquisition for a tilt series. The acquisition starts at the 0 degree tilt angle and then moves gradually up to the maximum tilt angles at -60°/+60° degrees in 3° degree steps.