Lukas Bauer – PhD student

Lukas did his bachelor degree in biochemistry at the University of Ulm, Germany. He then went on to work as a Health Sciences Research Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, USA. Here he was working for one year with immune and stem-cells, and was analyzing exosomes by electron microscopy. Lukas realized that only structural information of bio-molecules will help him to address question of how protein complexes and pathways function. Therefore he went on to perform his master studies in structural biology at University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Lukas gained skills in solution NMR spectroscopy and biophysical methods at the SBiN lab, applying those to study intrinsically disordered proteins. Under the supervision of Birthe Kragelund he focused on the interactions of disordered proteins with folded proteins and how transient structures fold in “closer to cellular” conditions. After a short period as a research technician in the Kragelund group, he moved to ISTA and affiliated with the Schur group, where he is going to learn to do cryo-EM, to complete his skills in structural biology. Lukas aims to combine cryo-EM/ET and solution NMR spectroscopy, to solve structures and interactions of protein complexes.