Georgi Dimchev

Georgi Dimchev – Postdoc

Georgi has acquired multi-disciplinary expertise in a number of international research institutes, with particular focus on the regulation of cell motility. He completed his PhD at the Manchester Metropolitan University, where he investigated the migration of myogenic precursor cells and later, as a Postdoc in Klemens Rottner’s group, he acquired substantial experience in various microscopy methods used to study the function of the actin cytoskeleton in driving cell motility. Georgi is highly motivated to apply cryo-EM and tomography methods in order to dive deeper into the complex machinery that is required for cells to move.
From 2018-2020 Georgi has been funded by the FWF (M2495 Lise-Meitner-Programm) for his project investigating protein structure and function in filopodia across scales. The project involves linking cell and structural biology approaches in order to elucidate the function of filopodial proteins in the context of cell migration.